Your papers will be reviewed by a team of experts that you can trust.

Our scientific team members who serve as reviewers for Science are committed to ensuring the quality of the articles you will be published in the journals. SCIENCEDIT-DW perform an invaluable service to the developing world scientific community in several areas of expertise.

The papers submitted to SCIENCEDIT-DW are reviewed in depth. After Clients’ paper is properly submitted, our assigned reviewers start the review process. Within 7-10 Days, the edited paper will be send back to the clients with a full report. Two weeks after the work is completed and sent back to the client, SCIENCEDIT-DW will send a follow up email to the client to get feedback on the work and also inquire if they have any comments on the work.

Manuscripts, Posters, and Rollers

SCIENCEDIT-DW reviews and edits all the scientific articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Our reviewers are experienced in helping non-native English-speaking scientists create clear, concise, and publishable articles to be communicated with target journals. Furthermore, we can edit the posters’ and rollers’ content and layout and conform to conference or event presentation requirements.

Responses to Reviewer Comments

SCIENCEDIT-DW will work with you to draft your responses to reviewers’ and editors’ comments to ensure that they address the comments and questions. Also, we can look at your paper and suggest adding or omitting data and restructure the presentation and flow to meet the reviewers’ requests.

Editing Presentations and Other Forms

SCIENCEDIT-DW can edit your conference, lecture or any event presentations in PowerPoint, Word or in any other form. We will carefully check the accompanying figures. In addition, we can listen to your presentation to check pronunciation and recommend changes that will give it clarity.

Review, Edit and Translate Contracts

SCIENCEDIT-DW can review for you and edit any partnership or collaboration contract, and give you suggestions to meet your expectations. Our reviewers can help beyond the English language.

Letters and Others scholarly Communications

SCIENCEDIT-DW can edit for you any scientific professional letters addressed to editors, colleagues, collaborators, or for partnership. We can also edit and help you with recommendation letters and job applications. All types of scientific communications are edited, including research reports, book chapters, review articles, lectures, briefs, patents, and social media.

We Offer Training and Workshop

SCIENCEDIT-DW organizes extensive courses on scientific writing with hand-on experience. We encourage any organizations, universities, and research centers interested in hosting one of our courses to contact us.

Services We Provide

Our talented reviewers and editors will give you the best feedback and rigorously check your data to enable ensure the clarity of your communication.

  1. Edit Languages
  2. Improve the scientific cohesion of the text
  3. Suggest a new design, layout, or date sequence presentation
  4. Help you review data to be presented in better format
  5. Help interpret the results and make relevant conclusions
  6. One week workshop and hand on practice to go through details of manuscript with the client to enable publication
  7. Editing of French, Arabic, and English scientific content

Reviewers Needed!

To become a Reviewer, please send an email to:

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First Name, Last Name, Title, Professional Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Field of Expertise and please attach a Résumé.

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