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Dr. Derradji Boumrah, Ph.D.


Dr. Derradji is currently working at Sandoz limited (Novartis) as a Regulatory Affairs CMC specialist since September 2014. Derradji graduated in June of 1985 from the University of Constantine with a D.E.S in Chemistry. He began his Ph.D. degree in January of 1986 from Strathclyde University in Scotland. In 1991, he received his Ph.D. from the Department of Pure & Applied Chemistry. In January of 1990, he started working at the University of Bath, UK, as a Post-doctoral Research Associate, while he was writing up his Ph.D. thesis. In 1996, he joined the City of Bath College in Bath to prepare a Certificate in Management. In October 1998, he joined Key Organics ltd, as a Research Chemist. He was involved in the synthesis of biological active compounds to be tested as agonists, antagonists, and inhibitors. In May 2000, he joined Evotec OAI in Oxford, UK as a senior chemist, where he worked on process chemistry. In October 2001, he joined Biofocus plc, UK, as a senior scientist. In February 2004, he joined Pfizer in the UK. His role involves the development of processes in the lab and transferring them to the supply chain (pilot plant) and PGM. Also, he has joined the Veterinary Medicine Regulatory Department to acquire skills in Regulatory Affairs. Derradji has experience in Organic/Medicinal Chemistry and Process Development Chemistry. He is a Regulatory Affairs Professional with experience in the generic and pharmaceutical drugs sector.