Submission Process

Step 1


The client first contacts the SCIENCEDIT-DW foundation to request for service. The client will receive an email confirming the receipt of the document or work needed.

Step 2

Donation (Payment)

The SCIENCEDIT-DW will review the request and once accepted, the client need to:

  1. Donate 50 US Dollars or its equivalent in his/her country currency to one of the non-profitable organizations mentioned below or to any scientific non-profitable organization of his/her choice. All collected donations will be reinvested in training programs for the benefit of developing world scientists.
  2. The client will send the donation receipt or certificate endorsed by the non-profitable organization office.
  3. Those who cannot donate for any reason, need to give a justification to Sciencedit-DW. We will study the eligibility of all requests for free service.

Step 3

Assignment of an Editor

Once the donation is confirmed, SCIENCEDIT-DW will assign an editor to work on the scientific article or work requested by the client.

Step 4


Within 7-10 Days, the edited paper will be send back to the clients with a full report.

Step 5

Follow up

Two weeks after the work is completed and sent back to the client, SCIENCEDIT-DW will send a follow up email to the client to get feedback on the work and also inquire if they have any comments on the work.